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For companies. no matter how large or small, that seek immediate traffic, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising may be a valuable option. PPC advertises directly to your target market through the use of targeted keywords. At Internet Advisors Group, we implement highly effective PPC campaigns that increase your conversion rate and get you the maximum results for your budget. Pay Per Click advertising is a perfect complement to an effective search optimization and internet marketing strategy.

Although your primary focus should be on free organic search results (SEO), Pay Per Click provides the following advantages:
1) Gives your business immediate high keyword ranking on Google and Bing.
2) Allow targeting of highly specific keywords.
3) Enables you to direct traffic to a specific page of your website.
4) Provides precise targeting of geographic reach, whether local, regional or national.
5) Generates important analytics to strengthen internet marketing and search engine optimization efforts.

What is pay per Click(PPC)?

Pay per click (PPC) is best described as an online auction where a combination of your bid per
click and your quality score create a ranking for a paid ad. Paid search can be a great way to establish
a top search engine position but if done incorrectly or insufficiently it can cost a great deal of money
which ultimately will be lost.

why not hire a google adwords and bing
paid expert?

Let Internet Advisors Group manage a paid search campaign with the right combination of keyword
matching option and bidding strategies to achieve a maximum rate of return in the most
cost-effective manner possible.

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